What is Superiocity?

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In the Beginning…

Way back in 2007, I found myself with a steady stream of web development work outside my 9-5 job.  I decided to form a corporation.  My goal has always been to provide an exceptional level of quality and service and the new business name had to reflect that.  And so, Superiocity was born!

What Does Superiocity Mean?

Superiocity is the relentless pursuit of providing superior quality software and service.  This commitment comes at the cost of stress, countless sleepless nights of work, skipped vacations, and loss of quality time with my family.

Why Bother?

Good question!  Although it’s not so easy to explain.  There’s a few reasons why I put myself through intermittent torture.

  1. To bring life to the Superiocity brand:  My company has become an extension of who I am and what I believe.  Like me, it’s friendly, informal and whimsical.  On the other hand, when it comes time to get down to business, nothing else exists in the world except the goal to exceed client expectations.
  2. A sense of accomplishment:  By working hard, and focusing on quality, I’m able to take pride in almost everything I do.  That gives me a great sense of confidence to tackle new problems and projects.
  3. To make people happy: I know it sounds strange but to be able to build something tangible that has only existed in a clients mind,  is an amazing feeling.  When I see the look of contentment or even surprise on a client’s face when they see the final product, for a brief moment, it’s like they’re an innocent kid.  They’re happy.

I am Superiocity

I’ve poured my heart and soul into Superiocity.  It’s become a standard that is tough to live by, but is equally rewarding.  I benefit from being able to take pride in the work I do.  My clients benefit from complete satisfaction of the services I provide.  You can see that on the Testimonials page of my company website.  So, to answer the question “What is Superiocity?”… I am Superiocity.

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