France Terrorism: Prevention

france terror

I can’t imagine what the families of the 150+ murdered are going through right now. The only thing I can do is make my Facebook profile picture look like the French flag so they know the world is thinking about them. I’d encourage you to do the same. I was thinking a similar attack couldn’t happen […]

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Miami Police Officer Kills Family Dog

cop kills dog

I apologize for the graphic image, but it pales in comparison to what a local Miami family is experiencing right now.  Yesterday, a Miami police officer shot a family dog who apparently wanted to jump up on him to greet him, according to the family.  The full story, including video, can be found here. Someone recently […]

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What is Superiocity?

Superiocity Logo

In the Beginning… Way back in 2007, I found myself with a steady stream of web development work outside my 9-5 job.  I decided to form a corporation.  My goal has always been to provide an exceptional level of quality and service and the new business name had to reflect that.  And so, Superiocity was born! What Does Superiocity Mean? Superiocity […]

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Wordcamp Miami 2015

Wordcamp Miami Logo

tl;dr Wordcamp Miami is an amazing value for the price, well organized, has good opportunity for networking but may fall short of technical content expectations if you’re an advanced web developer. Intro I’m not going to try to give you a comprehensive, objective review of Wordcamp Miami 2015.  Instead, I want to share how the experience was […]

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Blade 360 CFX Review

Here’s a quick review of the Blade 360 CFX with an emphasis on comparing and contrasting with the Blade 450 X, specifically flight performance. Specifications can be found here. Battery The lipo packs used are the Pulse 1350 35c 6s at a price of around $40 each. An EC3 connector is used for power.   Unfortunately, […]

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Viewport, Combining Objects in Illustrator, Apache Rewrite Flags, SVG CSS Color

Tidbits of useful tech I picked up during the week. 3/28 Viewport Mobile, by default, is much larger than their actual screen size. <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width”> Uses actual screen width for viewport instead of larger default reported screen width. Other values of the content attribute are: initial-scale=1: Initial zoom level of page. initial-scale value of […]

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Weekly Learn Log: history.pushstate(), Vim, Flexbox, CSS, Bash …

A quick rundown of things I learned during the work week. 3/17/15 for community design feedback. window.history.pushState({id: ‘SOME ID’}, ”, ‘myurl.html’); Part of the HTML5 History API Changes the path of the URL that appears in the user’s address bar. Does not make server request, Need to add addEventListener(‘popstate’, function(){}) to listen for nav […]

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Freelancing: The First Week

So here I sit, Friday night at 8:00 in a dark home office,  looking at my monitors full of code.  Against my better judgement, I decide to take the time to document my first week of freelancing.  I say ‘against my better judgement’ because I still have a ton of work to do and not a […]

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